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What if every restaurant in America hired just one student with disabilities?

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe is proud to lead the way by offering extraordinary people the opportunity to independently thrive through our job placement program for individuals with disabilities.  Job placement for these very special students or recent high school graduates provides them with the chance to flourish.  Though we get the chance to teach them new job-readiness skills, the greatest benefit is the joy and team building they bring to our restaurants. 

Get Started Today:

1. Seek out a local middle school, high school, or agency that has a program for individuals with disabilities or at-risk program

2. Introduce the Taziki's brand and the opportunity that the HOPE Project offers

3. Schedule a Kickoff Discussion with Meagan Campbell, the HOPE Project Coordinator, to determine the best location and facility for growing, storing, and delivery

  • Box gardens

  • Greenhouse

  • In-restaruant herb wall

  • Small Refrigerator for Storage

  • Transportation to deliver to restaurants 

TIP: If a box garden or greenhouse is not available, partner with local home improvement store, boy scouts or other organization to help sponsor the construction materials, costs, and labor. 

4. Equip the school with a Hope Kit from the Marketing team

  • Starter Seeds

  • Ounce Scale

  • Clear Bags for Packing

  • Stickers for Weight and Date

  • Invoice Template

  • HOPE T-shirts 

5. Plan a day to plant the first herb garden (with students & Taziki's staff)

  • Rosemary

  • Basil*

  • Oregano

  • Cilantro

  • Parsley  

6. Support the students as they water, weed, harvest, package and deliver the herb

  • Pay market rates for herbs

7. Schedule a "Garden-2-Guest Experience" day where the students get to see how the herbs are prepared in the restaurant and added to recipes and served to the guests. 

8. Enjoy on-going interaction between the staff and the students

  • Quarterly garden visit

  • Quarterly restaurant visit to share a meal 

Win-Win Benefits for the program 

  • It's a win for students, who become more independent and have the potential for future employment

  • It's a win for the restaurant, as they receive fresh herbs and have a meaningful way to connect with and give back to the community